The Foundation supports the “Rondò di Bimbi”, an ONLUS social promotion association that deals with various aspects related to the support of childhood and adolescence, as well as parenting and adults in difficulty.
Specifically, Rondò di Bimbi carries out actions aimed at the prevention of social discomfort and integration for disabled people and children or young people in situations of marginalization or at risk of deviance. Psychological therapies, speech therapy, psychomotricity and neuropsychomotricity are offered by professionals, and an SDA desk is active. For parents and adults, however, the association intervenes with recreational activities, listening desks, support groups and moments of training and discussion. The Rondò di Bimbi also promotes various collateral projects such as the “Valsusa Team”, a soccer team formed by a group of children with cognitive disabilities, the “Girotondo Montessori”, an educational project for children from 3 to 6 years old, “Si come no”, a radio program broadcasted on Radio Ohm, “Buon futuro a tutti”, a school and professional orientation desk.

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Rondò di Bimbi – official website