The Centre of Immunology and Rheumatology of the Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital is the Regional Reference Centre for diagnosing and treating primary immunodeficiencies and rheumatological diseases of childhood. Thanks to the contribution of the Magnetto Foundation, the following initiatives have been possible:

  • The identification of new immunodeficiencies through the study of the genome. 
  • Participation in a scholarship for a neo-specialized pediatrician aimed at following the various national and international research protocols in which the Center participates and monitors biotechnological and immunotherapy drugs.
  • Participation in a scholarship in favor of a psychotherapist to support young patients affected by chronic rheumatological pathologies and primary immunodeficiencies.

In the field of chronic diseases of childhood and adolescence, it has long been recognized the importance of psychological intervention to accompany patients and their families along the path of care. The course of chronic disease of a pediatric patient and his family can start very early and accompany them for a long time and often for life.