The Public School Riva Rocci of Almese was officially born on Christmas Day in 1877.  A centenarian public school, but alive more than ever; enthusiasm and vitality of those who interpret the “educational passion” as a stimulus to continuous renewal and research of new educational paths. A reality with the ability to pay the right attention to the “centrality” of the child. The hours that the kids spend at school are many and it is critical that every moment of the day is designed to meet their wellness, health and learning needs.

Learning is developed through various workshops run and organized by the teachers of chess, logical-mathematical activities, theater, painting, manipulation, motor education, listening, nutrition education, outdoor activities, music therapy and English.

To this historic school, with its high values, the Magnetto Foundation has decided to contribute financially to the realization of the English laboratory, in order to support the growth of children through the learning of the English language, which acquired through play since early childhood will represent for them a solid foundation for their future. The English language enhancement course is taught by a native speaker for children ages 2-6. Students have the opportunity to learn a new language in an inclusive way through a combination of games, songs, direct instruction and educational videos. The children do not only experience the traditional bilingual classroom hours in the section, but they have the valuable opportunity to interact in English by taking care of section programming, lunch, use of the hygiene room, the school’s adventure park, field trips, evacuation drills, playground, etc.

This new method excites children and increases their interest and curiosity in the English language.