The Magnetto Foundation has been supporting for many years various projects promoted by the parishes of Rivoli Santa Maria della Stella, San Bernardo, San Martino and San Bartolomeo. In particular:

“Il pane Sul muricciolo”, a solidarity store born in 2017 where the many volunteers who participate distribute basic foodstuffs, cleaning and personal hygiene products to more than 600 families in need in Rivoli. The store, which is located in a room adjacent to the Parish La Stella, has grown over time thanks to donations from companies, supermarkets, stores, families and individuals, but also thanks to the many self-financing activities organized by volunteers with friends and associations with which collaborations are activated. The goal is to increasingly expand the reception, adapting it to the needs of families to give concrete answers to the many requests for help and support of many people who find themselves living in a state of need, and to spread the idea of solidarity and sharing.

“Semplicemente mamma” , since 2015, a project aimed at expectant mothers and mothers of children up to two years old, which provides activities for sharing and discussion led by an expert figure, at the Oratory of Stella, in a well-equipped and welcoming space. The mothers give warm feedback on the “circles of mothers”: you feel the pleasure of being together, you experience moments of deep intimacy, emotion, joy and lightheartedness, you address various issues and encourage the exchange of information about services and initiatives in the area. In addition, “self-managed” circles are proposed in which mothers meet with their children, taking turns to propose creative, informative and practical activities. The thematic meetings of informative cut organized are aimed at mothers, fathers and other support figures and involve different experts and professionals.

“Pomeriggi insieme tra scuola e oratorio”, after-school activities for 11-13 year olds organized at La Stella Parish to counter the phenomenon of loneliness, encourage socialization and stimulate children to live the afternoon in an active and structured way by doing homework and group play-educational activities.  Thanks to the help of young people in Volunteer Civil Service, the children are picked up when they leave the schools and accompanied by the Piedibus to the Oratory, where they find lunch ready. The project is considered a focal point for many families and represents a bridge between the families themselves and the school, intervening where relevant school issues emerge and trying to support them in times of difficulty.

“Attaccabottone”, tailoring course for people with no previous experience. The project aims to teach a craft but also to create a place to meet and socialize and discover and release their creativity.