The Magnetto Foundation has supported the Italian Association for the fight against infantile neuroblastoma for several years, established at the Institute “G. Gaslini” in Genoa at the instigation of some parents who were directly involved and oncologists who treated the ill infants. The Mission of the Association is to defeat Neuroblastoma and Pediatric Solid Tumors through innovative research studies aimed at identifying new and effective therapies and personalized treatments.
Neuroblastoma is a very aggressive tumor that originates in the sympathetic nervous system and mainly affects infants and children younger than ten years old. It is the third most frequent neoplasm after leukemia and brain tumors and is considered the primary cause of death in preschoolers.
The Magnetto Foundation contributes to scientific research into this disease by financing various clinical activities promoted by the Association, such as collecting data from patients enrolled in active clinical and experimental protocols. It also participates in fundraisers and the purchase of solidarity gifts and Easter and Christmas products.

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Italian Association for the fight against Neuroblastoma – Official website