Diocesan Cultural Center of Susa
Since 2000, the Diocesan Cultural Center has been operating in the Susa Valley. It coordinates the activities of three different entities representing the history and culture of the Valley: the Diocesan Historical Archives, the Diocesan Library and the Diocesan Museum System.
The purpose of the Center is the management, protection and enhancement of the heritage collected and preserved by these institutions, together with the many testimonies of faith and art belonging to the parishes of the Valley. The Center maintains a constant dialogue and confrontation with the inhabitants of the area and beyond, and in this sense the many cultural and social initiatives organized by the Center in collaboration with institutions and other associations.

Susa Valley. Treasures of Alpine Art and Culture
Since 2003, the Center has been managing the integrated territorial enhancement plan “Valle di Susa. Treasures of Alpine Art and Culture”, a cultural network created to promote the territory of Susa Valley.
The plan coordinates the information on the web portal www.vallesusa-tesori.it/en , provides training for cultural and tourist operators in the area, promotes integrated communication of the cultural and natural heritage of the area and events. Valle Susa Tesori is supported by the Valley’s municipalities, the Cottian Alps Park Management Authority, cultural and voluntary associations, tourist consortia and tourism, food and wine and accommodation operators.

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