The Bramafam Fort is one of the few surviving examples of stone structures adapted to the technological requirements of the late 19th century. Built on a hill overlooking the valley of Bardonecchia, the Fort was conceived to protect the entrance to the Fréjus Tunnel from possible French actions. At the end of the nineteenth century it was the most important fortification of the Cottian Alps, heir of Fenestrelle and Exilles, and predecessor of Chaberton.
In 1990 a group of people united by their interest in military architecture founded the Association for the Study of Military History and Architecture; in 1995 the Association was entrusted with the Fort by the State and work to save and enhance this important historical military asset began.

The Foundation has been supporting the restoration and maintenance of the structure for years; it also contributes to the summer opening of the Fortress through the inclusion of young people from the Susa Valley who take care of the management of activities.

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